Whether for homes or businesses one of the most common questions we get about window film is–does window film require a lot of maintenance or special cleaning? This is understandable since commercial spaces are already hard to keep up with. However, happily, for your business, our answer is–no, window film requires no special maintenance. The only “required” care or maintenance is the same as regular windows and that is to clean them from time to time. However, with window film, you actually want to use more basic cleaning products and methods–meaning they really are easier to maintain. Read below on window film cleaning tips.

How to Clean Your Window Film

After your window film is installed, give it 30 days to fully cure before cleaning. After that, you may have your cleaning crews clean the window much the same way as they did before. Instruct them to spray a “safe” cleaning solution directly on the glass and wipe away. It is that simple. See below for a list of cleaners and cleaning supplies safe for window film.

Cleaning Solutions Safe for Window Film

To keep windows looking great and avoid damage to the adhesive on your windows with window film we recommend using an ammonia-free solution. Any household cleaning solution will do, even for commercial windows–as long as it doesn’t have ammonia. Most dish soaps are a great idea and work fine. There are also specialty ammonia-free window cleaners available online. Always make sure cleaning crews use a clean, soft cloth or paper towel on the glass to avoid scratches. To that end make sure to tell them never to use anything with bristle brushes, abrasives, or even course paper towels. Over time the scratches from rough rags build up so make sure you are crews are using the right one. High-quality paper towels are the best way to avoid this. Finally, make sure workers clean off all excess water. If they do not it could seep behind the film and wear down the adhesive bond. This involves wiping up any excess moisture or debris from along the edges of the windows.

That’s it! Cleaning windows with film is as easy or easier than it was before. And toxin-free!

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