Having a security system you can trust and rely on is crucial. Every day, hundreds of buildings get broken into and valuable goods are stolen. The last thing that you want is to have to take out an extra loan just to replace your inventory and keep the doors open.

That’s why we recommend security window film for Salt Lake City businesses. By installing a security window system, you can protect your property and everyone inside from intruders and dangerous events.

Below, we’ve listed our choices for the top security window films available in 2021.

Choosing Security Window Film: What to Look For

There are literally thousands of different types, brands, and strengths of security window film out in the world. When sorting through your options, you want to be careful about your decision. Look at more than just the price. You don’t want to get duped into buying a faulty film just because it was a good bargain.

Consider the thickness and strength of the film. Is the film suitable for what you hope to accomplish? If you’re looking for a simple break in prevention film, thickness isn’t as much of a factor. But if manage a bank, school, or data center and you’re looking for something that can resist higher levels of impact like bomb blasts and gunshots, you definitely want to weigh your options carefully and look for a thick, high grade film.

(If you’re interested in a high impact resistant film, you should check out this brochure from 3M: bomb-blast-window-film-salt-lake)

Top 8 Options for Security Window Film in 2021

To help you with the process of choosing a security window film for your Salt Lake City business, we’ve listed some recommendations. Here are our top five choices for security window tinting in 2021:
1. C-Bond Window Film Systems
2. LLumar Clear Safety & Security Film
3. 3M Scotchshield Safety & Security Film
4. Huper Optik Security Window Film
5. LLumar Solar Safety & Security Window Film
6. Graffiti Shield
7. 3M Scotchshield Safety & Security Window Film Ultra Prestige Series
8. Solar Gard Armorcoat

Find the Right Security Solution for your Business

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