Martin Faith


Our Founder and President, Martin Faith, understood the far-reaching benefits of window tinting after applying it to his own home in 2007. The dramatic savings and dynamic comfort results of the film were so impressive, he decided to add a window tinting branch to his already established and thriving stained glass and siding companies. This completed the trifecta of home improvement focused properties we call Scottish Group Companies today. Since our establishment 2008, our window tint branch has done nothing but grow. Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake City, like our numerous sister companies, is successful, due in large part, to Martin Faith’s vision and his standards for excellence. Martin believes the customer comes first, meaning it is our job to deliver superior customer service in addition to impeccable results. This is also why we only offer the highest quality window tinting products. This commitment to our customers, paired with over a decade of experience, is why Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake City and our parent company, are known nationwide as the best in our respective fields for quality and service.