In a place like Salt Lake City, travelers have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing some place to stay. As a hotel owner, it’s your job to make sure that your hotel stands out. And when travelers do choose to stay at your place, you want to make sure that they have a positive experience. Otherwise, you could miss out on tons of business, and dollars to be made, both for the time being in the future. There’s nothing that drives people away faster than a bad review or an uncomfortable room. By installing privacy window film for your Salt Lake City hotel, you can provide your guests with an excellent experience and also make your hotel look stunning.

Privacy Window Film: Stylish, Modern, Convenient

It used to be that the only way to add privacy to windows was to install thick blinds or shades that block out the light. But now interior designers and architects are turning to a newer, more practical solution for creating privacy. Privacy window films are a modern, affordable way for adding privacy to flat and transparent glass. Similarly to textured and frosted glass, privacy window films create privacy by distorting views or reducing the transparency of ordinary glass. Once installed, the glass is difficult to see through clearly, but light is still allowed to flow through freely. These films can be cut into any shape or size, so they’re perfect for odd shaped windows or windows that are high up and hard to reach.

Three Smart Uses for Privacy Window Film in Hotels

From common areas to individual guest rooms, there are many places in a hotel that can benefit from privacy window film. Privacy window film turns ordinary glass into stunning works of art. It’s perfect for concealing views as well as hiding clutter in closets, cabinets, and storage areas. Here are just a few different places you may want to consider adding privacy window film to your Salt Lake City hotel:

Restrooms – Add privacy film to restroom and locker areas for added comfort and style

Guest rooms – Exterior windows, closets, cabinets, and glass wall separators are great places for privacy window film

Pool/fitness areas – Adding a privacy film to your indoor pool area or fitness room can help create a feeling of separation without interrupting the open, inviting feeling of your hotel

Install Privacy Window Film

Beautify your Salt Lake City hotel with privacy window film. Call Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake to schedule installation services today.

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