Did you know that the Utah State Board of Education keeps track of weapons infractions? During the 2020-2021 school year, there were 617 recorded instances of students bringing weapons to school. It’s no wonder that school safety has become a hot topic in recent years in both Utah and across the country. That’s why many schools are turning to security window film. Below, we’ve discussed some of the security window film options for Salt Lake City schools that are available today.


How Does Security Window Film Make Schools Safer?

A major part of keeping schools safe is securing building perimeters. When you look at matters this way, it’s easy to see how windows are a cause for concern. It doesn’t take much to break a window. A small rock, hammer, or crowbar will do the trick and allow intruders to gain access. What’s more, windows become a serious hazard during emergencies like accidents and natural disasters. Broken glass turns into deadly shards that can cause life-threatening injuries.

Security window film works to address the most vulnerable part of your exterior. By strengthening windows, it helps:

  • Prevent injuries caused by broken glass
  • Deter intruders
  • Mitigate damage caused by bomb blasts
  • Thwart vandals and thieves
  • Minimize damage to school interiors


Types of Security Window Film for Salt Lake City Schools

There are many types of security window film that Salt Lake City schools can use to make their campus safer. Some are designed to protect against minor threats like window damage and accidents while others are used for more serious concerns like bomb blasts and gunfire. Some options your school may want to consider include:

  • Anti-graffiti film: Deters vandalism and repairs damaged surfaces at low cost
  • Safety film: Standard safety films help prevent accidents and injuries caused by broken glass
  • Bomb blast film: These robust films are designed to absorb impact from blasts
  • Ballistic resistant film: Ballistic resistant systems like C-Bond help to protect schools from violent attacks and gunshots

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