As the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus continues to increase nationwide, more and more cities are heading for shut down. This has made many business owners very nervous. Government officials can’t confirm how long the stay-at-home (shelter in place) orders will last. Meanwhile, retail stores have been forced to close. This has left them totally unoccupied by staff and, therefore, vulnerable to impending dangers.

That’s why we’re recommending security window film for Salt Lake City businesses. Security window film can help keep retail stores, salons, restaurants, and office buildings safe while cities are under quarantine, preventing theft, vandalism, and damage.

Security Concerns During Coronavirus

Thieves are much more likely to make their move when a property is unoccupied. When there’s a lower risk of getting caught, the opportunity looks much more enticing.

Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus, many retail stores across Utah and the rest of the nation are now unoccupied. Business owners are concerned that it’s only a matter of time before people get restless and the stealing begins.

That’s why we’re recommending security window film for Salt Lake City businesses as a way to prevent theft.

How Security Window Film Prevents Theft

Unlike security cameras and alarms, which are more of a deterrent, security window film actually stops break ins from happening. It’s able to accomplish this by increasing the give and flexibility of glass panes in storefronts.

That means that if someone tries to break in while the property is unoccupied during quarantine, they’ll have a hard time doing so by smashing the glass. In fact, they’ll most likely have to strike the glass multiple times before even the slightest crack surfaces. Even if it does break, they’ll still have to get through the tear-resistant film, a nearly impossible act.

Meanwhile, the building’s security alarm system will now most likely have been activated. And now the police have extra time to arrive and snag the intruder before they escape.

Numerous studies have shown that security films are extremely effective at preventing these type of smash-and-grab attempts.

Protect Your Store

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