Running a business is hard and comes with many risks. So you need to think long and hard about how to avoid certain things that could hurt your business.  The glass on your building is likely one of those risks you don’t even realize is there.  It is a hole in your building’s security and it can cause injuries too.  A smart way to remove some of the risk in your small business in Salt Lake City with safety and security window film.

Safety And Security Window Film To Protect From Theft

Window film is a powerful way to keep the windows on your Salt Lake City business from giving way should someone attempt a “smash and grab”.  This type of crime is common and tends to be a crime of opportunity.  Glass with safety and security window film applied will still break when hit by an object but will not readily give way for  would-be thief to get in. When the “quick score” aspect of a smash and grab is removed–most criminals will just move on to a different target.

Safety And Security Window Film To Protect From Accidents

Whether you run a Salt Lake City gallery, store, restaurant, or other professional business– the safety of your guests is up to you. Glass windows and features pose a safety threat to those inside your establishment–especially if they are large or plate glass.  The bodily injury from accidents involving glass cost business owners millions each year. To remove the risk of injury to your patrons and possibly litigation–safety and security window film is a strong solution.  It keeps the glass in place after a fall or slip keeping people from being maimed by dangerous shards of glass.  It could also potentially prevent successful lawsuits from coming against you since you took precautions to protect the people in your Salt Lake City establishment.

Safety And Security Film As A Tempered Glass Alternative

Renovations are an everyday affair for businesses.  But, during these, you will need to make sure your building is up to code and/or bring it there.  Old glass is often plate glass which will break into large shards and injury someone grievously should they fall into it. To bring your space up to code you will need to install tempered glass or install safety and security film. Window film is an easier, cheaper fix–so should be something you consider.

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