Window Film Applications for Salt Lake City Schools and Universities

Schools and universities across the Salt Lake City area can take advantage of all the wonderful benefits that window film has to offer. From daylight redirecting to premium security, window film is an affordable solution that can address numerous concerns that affect schools of all kinds. Whether you’re looking to defend your Central City school from imminent threats or improve energy efficiency for significant savings in your University/Foothill college, we’ve got you covered.

Benefits of Window Film for Salt Lake City Schools and Universities

Safety and Security: Schools and universities across the Salt Lake City area can highly benefit from security film. Security film is a cost-effective preventative measure that can save potential lives while lowering risk of injury. Defend your students and teachers from numerous threats that can happen at any time.

Privacy: Exterior privacy tinting offers another level of security for Salt Lake City schools. Assailants and intruders won’t be able to see building occupants and are more likely to be deterred from entering the premises.

Energy Efficiency: Help your school save money on high energy costs all year-round. Not only will you lower your HVAC consumption with energy efficient window film, you’ll also improve school comfort for students and staff.

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Glare Reduction: Great for school computer labs, libraries, and administrative offices, glare reduction window film delivers heightened productivity and comfort for both Salt Lake City students and staff members.

Daylight Redirecting: Studies have shown that daylight redirecting film can actually decrease absentee rates, improve student testing, improve overall productivity, and lower your school or university’s lighting costs.

Decorative: Decorative film has many applications throughout Salt Lake City schools. Help boost morale while bringing smiles to children’s faces with customizable graphics, school quotes, upcoming event promotion, and much more.

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