Salt Lake City condo owners understand the financial struggle of keeping your property cool all summer. While newer construction buildings have central cooling systems, many of the older buildings built before the 1990s have wall air conditioning units or no including air conditioning units at all. These older wall units are typically ineffective or are effective but use a lot of electricity in order to run. Energy bills begin to reach undesirable amounts, which can be difficult for condo owners to accept on top of their HOA obligations. Energy efficient window film provides the solution your Salt Lake City condo needs in order to save money while staying comfortable all summer long.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Film for Salt Lake City Condos

Did you know that approximately 30% of your air conditioning goes right out the window? This alarming statistic makes it that much harder for Salt Lake City condos to maintain comfortable temperatures. Energy efficient window film offers an insulating barrier that prevents your air conditioning efforts from leaving your home. This innovative film lowers overall HVAC consumption all year-round leading to drastic energy savings. Not only will homeowners save money, they’ll also experience better in-home comfort and the elimination of hot/cold spots. Energy efficient window film is also available with the added advantages of glare reduction and UV protection for further comfort.

Our Comprehensive Collection of Energy Efficient Window Film in Your Salt Lake City Condo

Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake has the widest selection of energy efficient window films in the Salt Lake City area. We understand the condominiums have different property challenges and requirements than other residential property types and can definitely help you find the right solution for your home.

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