Many of the public libraries throughout the Salt Lake City area are experiencing high amounts of vandalism and graffiti. As property crimes continue to increase, finding budget-conscious ways to repair damages is pertinent. Often times these surfaces that are prone to vandalism are in high-traffic areas and require significant costs for successful repair. Many of these surfaces, unfortunately, can’t be removed leading to an unprofessional look for guests. Anti-graffiti film offers the budget-friendly solution Salt Lake City library owners are looking for.

Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Film for Your Salt Lake City Library

Anti-graffiti film is engineered to protect vandalism-prone surfaces from further damage. Great for restroom mirrors, elevators, windows, and much more, anti-graffiti film can defend your Salt Lake City library from even acid etching. Anti-graffiti film is available in numerous finishes and colors ensuring a seamless match. These strong, thick surface films mimic your original surfaces while concealing any existing damage. Whether the damage is from forcible vandalism or from just daily wear-and-tear, property owners can give their guests and customers the best impression possible of their library. For nontraditional surfaces, custom printing is also available. These sacrificial surface films offer 24/7 protection of your investments while delivering a tamperproof product.

Installation Process for Anti-Graffiti Film in Salt Lake City Libraries

Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake provides the most convenient installation processes that focus on lowering operational downtime. Our team of window film experts can quickly remove and replace your specialty anti-graffiti film whenever it becomes damaged. We utilize proprietary adhesives that ensure long-term protection but won’t leave any residual residues after removal. Anti-graffiti film is custom cut for any part of your property offering versatility and perfect fit.

For more information regarding anti-graffiti specialty surface films for your Salt Lake City library, please contact us or give us a call: (385) 498-0853