Salt Lake City boasts one of the most diverse bird populations in the U.S. Birding is a popular activity for tourists who come to visit the Salt Lake area as well as for locals who call the Ski City their home. Unfortunately, many of these birds are now at risk because humans have invaded their natural habit.

High rise buildings and office structures, in particular, pose a serious threat to Salt Lake City’s local bird population. Each year, hundreds of birds die due to glass collisions that occur when they’re flying through populated areas.

To die in this kind of sudden, violent way is, to say the least, a tragedy. But the good news is, it can be avoided. By installing bird strike prevention window film, Salt Lake City businesses can reduce bird glass collisions. Here’s how it works.

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What Is Bird Strike Prevention Window Film?

Bird strike prevention window film, also referred to as “bird safety film” or “fritted window film,” is a special type of adhesive material that’s installed on clear glass panes. Their purpose is to stop bird collisions and reduce accidents. The films are usually manufactured with special designs like stripes or tiny holes that make them more visible.

The benefit is, business can invest in these types of films without incurring an extraordinary expense or altering the clarity of their windows. They are visible enough to warn birds that the area ahead of them is a no fly zone, but not so obstructing that they block light.

The Installation Process

Another great perk of adding bird strike window film to your Salt Lake City building is that the installation process is super simple. All you have to do is call your local window tinting contractor. They’ll take care of the rest for you, so you don’t even have to do so much as lift a finger.

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