Public restrooms across the Salt Lake City area always have mirrors available for their guests. A lot of people don’t realize just how expensive mirrors are and the unfortunate fact that mirror repair is not an available service. Mirrors in restrooms are exposed to moisture which often leads to corrosion, an undesirable rusty look that tends to happen at the bottom of the mirror. The only way to protect your public restroom mirrors from corrosion is with mirror restoration.

Benefits of Mirror Restoration for Your Salt Lake City Public Restroom

If your mirror already has corrosion, it may lead guests to believe your restroom isn’t clean or presentable. Mirror restoration can actually hide corrosion and any other damages, scratches, or chips your mirror may have. This specialty surface film looks like a mirror itself, offering invisible protection from the general public. Mirror restoration also defends your investments from further corrosion and vandalism. Public restroom mirrors are always more susceptible to vandalism, making this specialty film a useful tool in protecting against a number of damaging causes. Once the film is damaged, it is very fast and simple for a professional window film contractor to replace in order to promote the best image at all times.

Installation Process for Mirror Restoration in Salt Lake City Public Restrooms

Our installation processes are always timely in order to ensure minimized operational downtime. The restroom is vital to any establishment so our team works fast in every installation and replacement. We pre-cut the surface film to the exact measurements prior to arrival and utilize C-Bond glass strengthening agent to provide our clients with a quicker cure time. Our commercial grade adhesive guarantees the film will be tamperproof to the general public.

For more information regarding mirror restoration for your Salt Lake City public restroom, please contact us(385) 498-0853