Window Film Applications For Offices In Salt Lake City

Window film is changing the way offices in Salt Lake City function and changing it for the better.  With the latest in window film technology, commercial building owners are able to give their office tenants what they need to succeed and be safe in the modern world.  Window film fills more roles than ever, will still giving commercial investors the unparalleled ROI they need to secure larger profits.

Premium Security

salt lake security film

You have an obligation to keep your tenant’s data, merchandise and employees out of harm’s way and this includes one of the biggest sources of loss–burglary.  Window film acts as the first line of defense, and a strong one at that against forced entry, vandalism, bomb blasts and ballistics fire, giving your tenants and property some of the best odds of surviving an attack.

Increased Safety

Ballistic Resistant saltlake

Natural disasters and accidents are a part of life but with window film on your office windows you can cut yours loses down significantly.  This is because the leading cause of death and injury in the case of a natural disaster is exploding glass.   Window film holds shards in place even under extreme duress protecting people and property within. You can’t stop nature from throwing curve balls at you from time to time but with window film you have the tools to keep it in check

Improved Comfort


The comfort level of your building is directly proportional to how long you retain tenants and even how profitable your office tenants are.  Window film dramatically increases comfortability in office settings by eliminating hot spots and cold spots and reducing glare.  This leads to more productive employees with a satisfaction level that will help your tenants retain them and keep your office space vacancy level low.

Energy Conservation

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The price of energy is higher than ever before and if you aren’t doing something to lower your energy costs, you are missing out on a huge profit center for your commercial office building.  Window film significantly reduces solar heat gain and hot air loss through windows which in turn could save you up to 20% on your utilities.  Using window film on your office could also qualify you for tax credits, taking your savings that much further.

Modern Decor With More Privacy

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Window film is the perfect addition to any office space looking for full or partial privacy without any loss of natural light.  It also allows your tenants to customize their office space without any permanent changes to your rental unit.  Privacy window film is fast and efficient to apply and a great way to attract higher-end tenants to your commercial office building.

Complete Sun Control

Glare reduction saltlake

Natural light is a great thing for office buildings but too much sun can cause a myriad of issues for office workers.  Daylight redirecting window film takes sunlight from areas that suffer from glare and sends it deeper into the office for areas into areas that don’t get enough light.  This helps balance out the light throughout the entire office and saves money in lighting bills.

To find out more about how window film can increase the performance of your office space, contact us at Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake City today!