Did you know that summer months have always been statistically higher for break-ins and burglaries for commercial properties throughout the Salt Lake City area? This consistent trend makes heightening security measures a top priority for commercial property owners. Security systems are often out-of-budget, require some form of manual operation, and don’t have the reaction time to deter smash-and-grab robberies. Fortunately, security film delivers a cost-effective solution that’s extremely effective in deterring smash-and-grab robberies while also preventing break-ins and burglaries.

Benefits of Safety and Security Film for Your Salt Lake City Commercial Property

Safety and security film features a thick, durable solution that works by bonding broken glass fragments together within your existing window frame after a high impact event. Combined with an attachment system and glass strengthening agent, C-Bond, the flexibility and strength of your glass are extremely optimized. Assailants and burglars have a drastically more difficult time actually gaining access to your property, usually resulting in a lot more noise and work which tends to deter them or attract attention. The precious time gained with security film allows building occupants to escape or better hide until the police arrive. Security film defends the valuables within your commercial property in addition to mitigating broken glass hazards and minimizing operational downtime after an event. Additionally, security film can also protect your property from natural disasters, freak accidents, and much more.

Installation Process for Safety and Security Film in Salt Lake City Commercial Properties

Our renowned window tinting team is comprised of civil engineers and security experts that are happy to provide free consultations for your commercial property. We’ll completely analyze all of your property’s vulnerabilities, product recommendations, tactical installation placement, as well as a cost-benefit analysis. Once you decide to move forward with security film, we conduct a discreet, timely installation service to ensure your property can immediately begin benefiting from the around-the-clock protection.