Have you ever walked into a restaurant or bar here in Salt Lake City and seen graffiti in the bathroom?  Likely you have.  Graffiti of this nature spans from walls to stalls to mirrors and looks horrible!  It causes a loss of reputation for the hospitality establishment and costs a lot of money to repair. If you own an eatery here– you are familiar with the woes of bathroom graffiti.  Mirrors are an especially hard fix.  There is no way to remediate damage to a mirrored surface–the entire mirror must be replaced.  EXCEPT, if you use mirrored graffiti film. 

What is a Mirrored Film?

A revolutionary product, mirror graffiti film is a thick surface film with a mirror-finish front and a highly adhesive back.  They are placed over the damage to remediate graffiti on mirrors in any part of a Salt Lake City bar or restaurant.

The Benefits of Mirrored Film for Salt Lake Bars Restaurant

Fast Graffiti Repair:  Traditional mirror graffiti repair involves replacing the mirrored feature.  This takes time to get a new feature in, have the old feature removed, repair and wall damage from the initial feature, and then secure the new mirror.  Mirrored films are done in less than an hour–immediately taking away the damage that defaces your restaurant or bar bathroom.

Cheap Graffiti Repair:  The cost of a mirrored graffiti film and installation is significantly lower than buying a new mirror, repairing wall damage, and having it installed–especially if you need custom sizes.

Protection from Future Graffiti:  The best part about mirror surface film is they protect against the expense of future damage.  Should your SLC bar or restaurant’s mirrors be defaced again–the film is removed and replaced at the same low cost and in less than an hour as the first time around.

For more information on mirrored surface films for your Salt Lake City hospitality establishment contact us for pricing today!

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