Mirror Restoration for Salt Lake City Commercial Properties

Salt Lake City commercial properties can experience high replacement savings with mirror restoration. Since mirror repair is virtually impossible and mirrors across the city are beginning to become popular targets for vandalism, replacement may seem like the only option. Mirror restoration is a budget-conscious solution that’s a way more attractive option than mirror replacement.

About Mirror Restoration

Mirror restoration incorporates specialty surface film for high replacement cost savings. Mirrored surface film is applied to expensive mirrors in order to conceal any existing damage while safeguarding your Salt Lake City commercial mirrors from further vandalism efforts or daily wear-and-tear.

Benefits of Mirror Restoration for Your Salt Lake City Commercial Property

Mirror restoration has so many advantages that any Salt Lake City commercial property can benefit from:

  • Conceals existing damage
  • Conceals corrosion while preventing further corrosion
  • Durable enough to withstand acid etching
  • Mimics mirrored surfaces for invisible protection
  • Easy to remove and replace by professionals
  • Tamperproof to the public

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