The metal surfaces in buildings in Salt Lake City are always under the threat of attack by vandals.  The shiny surfaces seem to attract them.  Also, metal surfaces are often in areas that are hard to monitor: elevators, escalators, bathrooms, and stairwells.  Once these metal surfaces are marked, the whole panel typically needs to be replaced, creating many issues.  An alternative to traditional graffiti removal for metal surfaces is special metallic finished surface films which can be applied to aluminum and steel surfaces to obscure damage.  They protect metal surfaces from future damage and have many other benefits that come with them.

Benefits of Metal Anti-Graffiti Films

Metal surface films have many benefits that make them a superior interior graffiti solution.

Metal Anti-Graffiti Films Reduce Downtime for Graffiti Repairs

During graffiti removal, elevators, escalators, and stairs are not available for employees or clients to use. Downtime can have a negative impact on your tenants, employees, and clients. When you use metal anti-graffiti films, your space is back up in a few hours, not days. This saves you the headache of critical features of your buildings out of service. 

Metal Anti-Graffiti Films Saves Salt Lake City Commercial Investors Money on Graffiti Repairs

When metal panels are vandalized, restoring them often means replacing the entire affected panel.  This is very costly.  Covering over the damage with metal finish surface films is significantly less expensive.  In fact, it is about 10 x less to use this graffiti removal method for metal surfaces.  Best of all, even if your metal surface gets defaced again, the metal film peels off and can be replaced at the same low price. 

Metal Anti-Graffiti Films Makes Tagged Metal Surfaces Look New Again

The process of removing graffiti can impact the appearance of a metal surface permanently even after repair.  This is typical of graffiti marks that are sanded off of metal surfaces. Having a uniform texture and color on metal surface is essential because anything less looks unprofessional.  Metal surface films come in finishes, including stainless steel, brushed aluminum, and brushed gold.  So no matter what type of standard metal finish you have, the film will match it and look brand new.

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