With high violent crime rates that are statistically higher than the rest of the nation, Salt Lake City commercial properties need to consider heightening security measures. Although many security systems can be out of budget and require training to operate, safety and security film provides around the clock protection even when you’re not there. Ballistic resistant window film even delivers protection against gunfire.

Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Salt Lake City Commercial Properties

Unfortunately there’s no such thing as bulletproof glass or bulletproof window film, but ballistic resistant window film is the closest thing available in today’s market. This revolutionary film keeps glass fragments together after gunfire or any other high impact force. Protect your guests, customers, and employees from a wide range of threats including explosions, break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, freak accidents, and more. With ballistic resistant window film, it gives building occupants in your Salt Lake City commercial property precious time to escape or hide until the police arrive. In many cases, ballistic resistant film deters break-ins and burglaries due to how significantly harder it is to gain access into a property with security film installed.

Installation Process for Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Your Salt Lake City Commercial Property

Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake is the leading ballistic resistant window film contractor in the Salt Lake City area. We begin every installation process with a comprehensive, proper threat assessment. This assessment is completed by our security experts and civil engineers, providing you a cost-benefit analysis alongside recommendations and requirements for attachment systems and glass strengtheners. We guarantee a speedy installation process that minimizes downtime for your Salt Lake City business as much as possible.

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