In recent weeks, many have questions have been raised about gun violence on school campuses. After the shootings in Florida and Maryland, many schools are becoming increasingly concerned about campus safety and are turning to window film as a preventative measure.

Of course, we’re not suggesting that window film is the end all be all solution to gun violence. But installing a safety and security window film for your Salt Lake City school is better than leaving students and teachers unarmed and vulnerable to danger. Here’s how it works.

school window film salt lake

How Window Film Can Help Protect Students and Staff During Emergencies

Windows are the most vulnerable point of any school building. They’re a point of entry for intruders. High winds or falling objects can cause them to break. And glass shards can easily become deadly projectiles.

In all these instances, window film can help keep students safe. Once installed, security window film acts like a protective shield for vulnerable glass. The film absorbs impact, decreasing the risk of shattering. And if the window does break, either as a result of physical trauma or shockwaves, the film will hold the broken glass pieces in place. Additionally, the film creates a tear resistant layer that keeps intruders from entering the school.

school window film salt lake city

Additional Benefits of Installing Window Film in Schools

In addition to improving school security, window film provides many benefits for staff, students, and teachers. Here’s just a few ways that Salt Lake City school districts can enjoy the advantages of window film and tinting:

  • Increases hvac effectiveness and reduces energy consumption
  • Eliminates glare in computer labs, libraries, and classrooms
  • Turns walls and desks into writable surfaces with whiteboard film
  • Adds style and decor to entrances and classrooms
  • Blocks out uv rays that cause health risks and fading
  • Schedule a Free Security Consultation

    Give your staff and students the peace of mind they deserve. Call Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake to have security window film installed for your Salt Lake City school. We’re more than happy to provide you with an estimate for your project and can even provide you with a free security consultation. Call now to schedule an appointment.

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