When explaining the benefits of window film to our clients, we often tell them that window film can be hugely beneficial in reducing energy costs for their property. On average, in Salt Lake City, window film pays for itself in about 3-5 years depending on the type of film, what it’s made of, and its quality. Many times, we have seen our clients reduce energy consumption for their commercial building by almost 30%.

Still, you may be wondering, what does this figure look like in terms of actual energy costs? That’s a great question! And we have the perfect way to show you. This case study shows how much window film saves money on actual energy bills in Salt Lake City.

Case Study Shows Actual Cost Savings of Window Film

window film before salt lake
The energy bill displayed in this photo is for a 2900 square foot building located in Denver, Colorado, which has a climate very similar to Salt Lake City. Prior to any renovations, energy costs for the property amounted to over $250 per month, with an average daily cost of almost $9 per day.

In attempt to lower their energy expenses, the owners of the building installed new low-e windows in place of their very old vinyl windows. The next month, energy expenses did decline, but were still in the high range. Clearly window insulation was an issue, but the owners still wondered if they had pursued the most effective option.

window film after salt lake

As a second attempt, they installed Vista Window Film. The results were astounding. The window film lowered their energy costs to jaw-dropping low of only $83 per day!

How Does Window Film Lower Energy Costs?

It may come as a surprise that something as simple as window film can make that big of a difference for your energy costs. But it’s true; it really works. Window film contains specific substances that naturally absorb and reflect heat like metal and ceramic. When the sun comes into contact with the film, heat is instantly rejected and cast off, so it never comes into physical collision with the glass panes. This is why window film is one of the most effective options for improving the energy efficiency of office buildings, schools, and commercial structures.

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