Hotels throughout the Salt Lake City area tend to have elevators in order to properly transport guests and their belongings to their accommodations. While some hotels may not have an elevator, most hospitality establishments do. These hotel owners understand just how expensive it can be to repair an elevator in addition to maintenance costs. When elevator repairs need to be completed, recommissioning is also required. This involves more fees and downtime. Restore your damaged elevator with surface film in order to save significantly.

Surface Film for Elevator Restoration in Your Salt Lake City Hotel

Metal Shield is a specialty surface film that has the same appearance as metal surfaces. Available in different finishes and colors, Metal Shield delivers incredible restoration benefits by concealing existing damage. This type of restoration doesn’t require elevator recommissioning, providing significant savings and limited elevator downtime. The incredible thing about Metal Shield is its high durability and thickness, providing hotel owners a way to defend their elevators and other metal surfaces from further damage. Great for high foot traffic areas, elevators that are prone to vandalism and/or daily wear-and-tear can all utilize this sacrificial solution for optimal defense. With a unique adhesive that makes the surface film tamperproof to the public yet easy for professional removal, this is the best option for your hotel.

Work with Salt Lake City’s Elevator Restoration Experts

Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake is proud to be the elevator restoration experts serving hotels and other commercial properties throughout the Salt Lake City metro area. We make elevator restorations easy and based around your schedule in order to limit undesirable elevator downtime. With numerous surface film and window film solutions, you’ll be able to defend your investments and make the most out of your property.

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