This summer, to keep your Salt Lake City home or business cooler amid this heatwave we are seeing across the country– window film is a sound solution. This is because window films are incredibly effective and have heat rejection properties that will transform the places you live and work. By installing window film on your Salt Lake City home or commercial space, you not only keep the seasonal heat from transferring inside but save money on utility bills year-round too. Also, many if not most window films come with a slew of other great benefits like UV protection, security and glare reduction. However, since each heat control window film we offer is unique, you may be wondering which one is right for your SLC space. Read on to understand a little bit more about which heat control films work best and what other benefits they are known for to help you decide.

Professionally Recommended Heat Control Window Films

  1. 3M Prestige Series Window: 3M is a long-standing company with a solid reputation for amazing products– their window films are no different. Their spectrally selective Prestige Series film can reject up to 97% of the sun’s infrared rays (the heat causing ones). So you stay cooler in your home or office during these heatwaves. But this film enhances your home and commercial space comfort in other ways too–like glare control and UV protection. What our customers love best about this amazing film is– you don’t need to sacrifice natural light to get all these benefits since Prestige lets in abundant natural light. Finally, the low interior and exterior reflectivity is a fantastic reason to choose this film as it enhances views both inside and out for flawless aesthetics.
  2. Vista Harmony Series Window Film: The Vista Harmony Series film stacks up to some of the top heat control films on the market today. With incredible performance and unparalleled look, this film is specifically designed for both enhanced comfort and saving on energy spending. It does this through low reflectively and amazing functionality. A mix of proprietary metals and nano-ceramic technology, Harmony lets in plenty of natural light without masking those beautiful SLC views you love so much. Make no mistake though– just because you can barely see this film does not mean you are not protected. Harmony Series Films block 99.9% of harmful UV rays too and reduces glare significantly. We recommend Harmony Series window film for those who want a soft, subtle appearance at home or the office but are looking for incredible heat control functionality too.
  3. Solar Gard Sentinel Plus: One of the best heat rejection films available today, Sentinel Plus by Solar Gard is a fantastic choice for commercial or residential settings. It will be your first and best line of defense against solar heat gain on your windows–the main cause of interior heat build-up. While excellent at increasing comfort, this film is also tough on glare. So even the sunniest rooms can be used again–at any time of day. This film rejects up to 82% of solar energy hitting your home’s windows and stops it from transferring inside and the savings from this add up quickly–putting more cashback in your pocket each month. Plus your family and/or employees stay cooler and enjoy a setting free of hot and cold spots. Finally, with powerful UV blocking properties your home and office furnishings stay looking good since these films block almost 100% of the sun’s UV rays too.

For more information on these incredible films for heat rejection or any other films for other issues you may have with your Salt Lake City home windows, contact us at Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake today!