Salt Lake City Attracts Visitors Year-Round

Salt Lake City has much to offer visitors throughout the year. The Sundance Film Festival attracts premier filmmakers and film enthusiasts and the ski slopes nearby create reasons for repeat visits. Many opt to stay in Downtown Salt Lake City in hotels from Pioneer Park to Salt Place Convention Center for work or play. It is important for hoteliers to provide a warm and welcoming environment to attract visitors on a repeat basis. Anti-graffiti window film is a cost-effective way to create a more desirable hotel environment for guests.

Graffiti Vandalization Will Damage Your Hotel Elevators

Graffiti vandalization can be an all-too-common issue for some hotels, especially in areas that often cater to younger visitors like college kids on winter break visiting for a ski trip. However, college kids are not your only clients: business travelers and families are likely to be appalled by signs of misconduct where they will be spending time.

Elevators are not an uncommon target for graffiti artists, as they can hide there without interruption while they do their damage. Damage to elevators has gotten more aggressive. Vandals may mar the metal surfaces using drill bits, nails, or keys to scratch up the hotel property. Some may go as far as to use acid and shoe polish to create more hideous displays of vandalism.

It can be quite costly to repeatedly clean up after graffiti damage. You may need to shut down elevator access, especially if something obscene has been drawn, while the damage is being repaired. This may cause disturbance to your business while it is busy during ski season or during a business conference.

Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake Is Your One-Stop Anti-Graffiti Shop

A quick and cost-effective solution is to protect elevator surfaces using anti-graffiti window film. Anti-graffiti window film comes in a variety of colors and finishes to match any surface or decor, not just window surfaces. They can mimic stainless steel, brushed aluminum, be made in a custom color, or be applied clear for glass surfaces. Metal Shield films are an extra thick film with a special hard coat that can resist most paint and acid damage.

Hotels can use anti-graffiti film as a preventative measure or a restorative measure that also prevents future damage. In older hotels or inns, these customized films can also help hide signs of wear and tear that happen with time, like scratches, dents, stains, and metal corrosion. Contact Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake for custom solutions to graffiti or damage to your Salt Lake City hotel today!

When it comes to window tinting, Mike Kinsey is a subject matter expert. For the past fifteen years, Mike and his team have been installing window film for commercial properties located in Salt Lake and the surrounding areas of Logan, Park City, Provo, Orem, and Ogden, totaling over 250,000 square feet of film. Mike is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education and is well-equipped with knowledge of the latest industry innovations. As the head of operations at Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake, he is charge of overseeing all projects from start to finish. He enjoys finding out of the box solutions to complex problems and developing solid relationships with local business owners though the process of helping them accomplish their architectural goals.