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Create a Modern Look for your Property with Exterior Building Wrap!

Trends come and go, and the architectural world is no exception. When your exterior falls out of style or starts to show signs of wear, you need a way to update it without going over budget. Exterior building wrap provides Salt Lake City businesses with an affordable way to renovate exterior facades and create a more modern look. Vinyl wrap conceals signs of wear and tear, seals leaks, and boosts aesthetics, saving you time and money on renovations. Simply choose your aesthetic preference and let our window tinting experts do the rest!

exterior building wrap

Building Wrap – Exterior Repairs, Simplified

Wind, snow, rain, and heat create harsh conditions that wear exterior surfaces down over time. Eventually, all buildings develop small cracks and chips that create tiny spaces where moisture and air can leak in. Replacing broken stone, brick, or metal can be pricey and requires long periods of construction. Exterior vinyl wrap is a faster way to remedy surface damage and improve energy efficiency. It costs only a portion of the price of construction and looks just as beautiful when finished.

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How Can Your Salt Lake Business Benefit from Building Wrap?

From retail stores, malls, hotels, and restaurants to high rise office buildings, airports, and more, businesses of all type in Salt Lake City can benefit from exterior building wrap. Vinyl wraps are installed quickly and can tremendously boost the energy performance and aesthetic appearance of any property.

A Quick Boost in Energy Efficiency

Sealing cracks is a quick way to boost the energy efficiency of your property. Vinyl wrap covers up cracks and gaps while exterior window films add insulation to glass.

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Modern Aesthetics & Branding

Give your building a more modern look with a customized vinyl wrap. Exterior building wraps are easy to customize and look stunning. Opt for a modern brick, wood, or metal finish or customize your film with your logo or brand colors.

Fast, Hassle-free Installation

Construction takes months to complete and impedes day to day operations. But building wrap is quickly installed in a few short days, making for a hassle-free experience.

Check out this brochure for more info!: exterior-building-wrap-brochure

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