Why Helping Workers Stay Healthy Is A More Profitable Business Model

Health is something many of us strive for in one way or another and in this day and age where science has found out the root cause of many diseases, it is easier than ever. For instance, less sugar lowers the risk of diabetes, reducing fast food intake does wonders for your heart, and avoiding sun exposure cuts down on the likelihood of many cancers. Of course, as they say, results may vary but, we know that it is not good for humans to remain unprotected beneath the sun’s harmful rays.  As an employer, you surely know that healthy employees are productive employees which is why, window film is an upgrade to consider in your Salt Lake City office space, not only for the health and wellness of your workers–but ultimately to increase your profitability. Here is why:

How Daylight Redirecting Window Film Keeps Office Workers Healthy

Daylight Redirecting Window Film Improves Employees Mood:  Whether an employee sits under a window and gets overwhelmed with sun or works deeper in your office and gets very little–their moods and mental well-being are significantly affected. Daylight redirecting window film takes the intense glare of the sun and redirects it deeper into your Salt Lake City office so both employees distressed by too little or too much sun get what they need to be a better worker–which in the end, puts more money into your pocket.

Daylight Redirecting Window Film Protects Employee’s Eyes:  Reading a screen in the harsh sun is incredibly hard on eyes and cause headaches, frustration, and overall slow performance.  Daylight Redirecting Window Film stops the glare of the sun, so your employees perform at their peak while at the same time protecting their eyes from sun damage.

 Daylight Redirecting Window Film Protects Employees Skin:  One in five people will develop some type of skin related cancer in their by age 70.  The risk is real but easily curbed with the right precautions. Days off for medical care are actually much more expensive for employers than preventative measures, like window film, for preventable diseases like skin cancer.  Applying daylight redirecting film, that blocks 99.9% of UV rays is a great way to aid your employees in staying cancer-free and happy.

For more information on the benefit of window film for offices watch the video below:

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