We recently had the pleasure of working with a local hotel in order to address some of the challenges they were experiencing. This new establishment had gorgeous floor to ceiling windows to capture the stunning views that surrounded the property. However, what they didn’t account for was the excessive glare that many of their common areas experienced during mid-afternoon. This created a lot of under-utilized space that guests weren’t able to enjoy during this time of day. The hotel initially wanted to look into installing roller shades to address their glare concerns but found a better solution when they reached out to us.

Hotel Window Film Advantages for Salt Lake City Properties

Hotel window film offered them a much better solution. If they had decided to go with roller shades, they would’ve spent tens of thousands in labor costs alone for manually operating each shade throughout the day. Window treatments would have hidden the views as well, blocking these views during one of the prettiest times of the day. Window film offered a great glare reduction solution without the need for manual operation or preventing the afternoon views. A challenge that we encountered was that they didn’t want to change the look of their exterior. Since their property was made up of mostly windows, any changes to the glass would completely change how their hotel looked. So, we installed over ten different products as samples to ensure the right one was chosen for their exterior look.

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