Ensuring the safety of students and teachers is a priority for every school. Windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of a classroom and must be secured. That’s why today, many schools in Salt Lake City are opting for C-Bond bullet resistant window films in order to keep their campus safe. 

Below, we’ve discussed in detail the benefits of installing C-Bond bullet-resistant window film in Salt Lake City schools.


Benefits of Bullet-Resistant Window Film for Salt Lake City Schools

Bullet resistant window films are a relatively new technology, but they’re gaining popularity quickly, especially in schools, colleges, and universities. These window films not only provide the same benefits as traditional security films like theft prevention and accident/injury mitigation, but also protect against extreme dangers like gunshots and armed intrusion. 

Perhaps the best known brand of bullet resistant window film is C-Bond. C-Bond is made with advanced nanotechnology and premium materials. It is the option that we recommend the most for schools.

Here are some important details about C-Bond including some of its many benefits.


Heavy Duty Durability & Maximum Protection

C-Bond window film is appreciated primarily for its exceptional endurance and durability. These window film systems are bullet-resistant, which means they can easily endure heavy impacts. This includes everything from golf balls and rocks to hammer blows, 120 mph winds, and bomb blasts


One-Time Investment

Not only are C-Bond Systems a great option for upgrading campus security, but they’re also long-lasting and cost-effective. These products last the entire lifetime of your windows and are a one-time investment. 


Potentially Life Saving

When it comes to violent incidents like school shootings, things typically escalate quite fast. These events are usually over and done with in a matter of minutes. Installing C-Bond for your school could help bide precious time during an emergency. With C-Bond, it may take multiple gunshots before a window finally shatters. This gives students and staff extra time to react and relocate to a safer part of the building, potentially saving lives.


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