Hanita Coatings: An Emerging Force In Specialty Films



Hanita is a world-wide industry leader in and maker of exceptional films and laminates. As a technology focused company, Hanita delivers both protection and cutting edge solutions to a commercial property’s unique set of window problems from security to conservation. Hanita’s unique combination of technologies add valuable performance and cost advantages across a wide range of markets and also help drive industry-wide innovation.

Hanita Coatings for Energy Savings

With the careful integration of years of research and development in other fields of activity, Hanita has developed a range of incredibly energy-efficient interior and exterior solar control films. These films are players in markets across the globe under the SolarZone brand. SolarZone, solar control window films, are known to upgrade energy performance and enhance a building’s long-term sustainability. In an age where the cost of energy is much higher to the environment than ever before, this commitment to conservation through window film is more important than ever before. The commercial building benefits of Hanita Coatings are akin to that of other film brands.

Benefits include:
– Lower heating and cooling bills
-Strong UV protection
-Less required HVAC maintenance.

Hanita For Security

Again pulling inspiration from their expertise gained from Hanita’s technological product and process innovation in other fields, Hanita has become a world leader in the development and manufacturing of safety and security window films. Hanita’s cutting edge solutions protect government, commercial, residential, medical and school buildings worldwide.

Their patented SafetyZone® safety and security films are widely praised for their optical clarity and cleanliness, while still maintaining a strict adherence to international glass safety standards. Like other top window film companies, SafetyZone® Safety and Security window films, hold shattered glass in place, lowering the risk of serious injury from flying glass in the case of impact from a natural or man-made disaster.

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