Casper Cloaking Window Film: Salt Lake City’s Solution for Data Confidentiality

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You love your coworkers, but there’s some things you just don’t want on display. Sometimes emails, client information, and confidential data are meant for your eyes only, but if they’re open on your screen, they can be read by anyone. Casper Cloaking Window Films provide Salt Lake City offices with a discreet and intelligent solution for maintaining personal privacy and data confidentiality. Created by the masterminds at Designtex, these ingenious technology cloaking films work their magic by blocking out LED light, subsequently blacking out computer monitors and screens so they can’t be seen by outsiders. Hello Casper, hello privacy.
casper cloaking window film salt lake

Meet Casper, the Friendly Ghost in Your Office

Successful businesses are built on collaboration. Open offices make it easier for employees to communicate and work together. And two minds are better than one. But without cubicle walls, computer screens are always on display. And not everything needs to be shared.

Casper Cloaking Window Films provide Salt Lake businesses a solution for keeping data and communications confidential without interrupting the natural light and open feel in an office. Semi-translucent films allow for high levels of sunlight transmission while blocking LED light that emits from computers, making it impossible for those outside the room to see what’s being shared. Relax and discuss important matters openly with your clients and employees thanks to the friendly assistance of Casper.

Create a Comfortable, Confidential Environment

Privacy is important for the success of your company. When your employees feel comfortable and relaxed, they work better. And by protecting your client’s privacy, you can create a better relationship and retain their business. Casper Cloaking Window Film offers Salt Lake City businesses like yours the ultimate solution for achieving privacy in a busy office environment and provides countless advantages including:

    • Alluring patterns create a polished, professional look
    • High levels of light transmit freely, providing ample brightness
    • Helps keep emails, data, and personal information confidential
    • Excellent privacy for glass wall conference rooms and more

Make Your Worries Disappear with Casper

Keep your office running smoothly and efficiently. Maintain total confidentiality by creating privacy for the areas you need it most with Casper Cloaking Window Film for your Salt Lake City office. Call today to get a quote.

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