C-bond For The Highest Level Of Commercial Security

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When it comes to the best protection for windows from natural disasters or man-made attacks, C-bond is by far an industry leader and is unrivaled in strength, security, and protection. Tried, tested and true, C-bond delivers the strength any commercial location needs for its windows in order to protect people in and around it. This includes public commercial properties, as well as, sensitive government buildings as well.

The Science Of C-bond

The C-bond patented Technology is a direct result of years of nanotechnology engineering: the manipulation of atoms and molecules within matter for the purposes of yielding a desirable effect. It is a non-toxic, water-based, glass reinforcing product that dramatically increases glass’s strength, flexibility, and adhesion qualities. The unique properties of C-Bond enable glass to dissipate energy on the molecular level. You don’t need to fully understand the science of C-bond to understand that, in the case of a natural disaster or a man-made attack, C-bond offers the most advanced protection of commercial glass in the market.

THE C-BOND Security Solution

All the incredible science behind C-bond results in an invisible protective barrier that is resilient to high impact force and severe stress environments. Additionally, using C-Bond in conjunction with window film products significantly enhances their adhesion to one another resulting in glass shards being retained within the immediate area of the compromised glass surface after impact.
When it comes to glass nanotechnology, C-bond is the only scientifically tested and proven system shown to dramatically increase the strength, safety and protection levels of glass. It will help keep glass intact even in the event of a potentially life-threatening, catastrophic event such as hurricanes, bomb blasts, forced entries and ballistic attacks. Such events can be devastating to human life and property value, which is why C-bond is an investment any commercial property owner should consider.

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