Here is Salt Lake City, transit centers are our gateway to the world. Not only do people travel in here to ski and enjoy nature-but to tour our great city too!  This means that our city needs to consider the safety of not only our citizens but our visitors too, in order to keep our economy strong. One way to do this is to shore up our transit centers with window film to protect from dangers the common to the extreme.  As it were, bomb blast window film does exactly this! 

Bomb Blast Window Film For All-Around Protection

For transit centers in Salt Lake City from airports to bus stations and subway cars–keeping passengers protected from danger is the priority.  Which is why bomb blast window film makes sense for a city like ours. 

  1. Bomb Blast Window Film for Protection From Terror Attacks:  The main purpose of bomb blast window film is to keep transit passengers safer in the event of a bomb.  Using advanced security films, specialty adhesive and frames–bomb blast window film does just this. Should a bomb detonate, shattered glass from the impact will stay adhered to the film–protecting commuters from deadly flying glass shrapnel. 
  2. Bomb Blast Window Film to Protect From Natural Disasters:  The debris thrown into windows from high winds or the impact of hail have results similar to a bomb blast–broken, flying glass. Just like bomb blast window film keeps glass in place after a bomb–it also keeps it soundly adhered after a high-velocity strike during a storm as well.  Correspondingly, travelers are kept from injury or death due to glass shrapnel.
  3. Bomb Blast Window Film Against Accidents:  Whenever you pack a lot of people into small places trying to get somewhere in a hurry, like subway tunnels or bus stations, the odds of an accident increase.  Add glass to that mix and it could spell trouble. Bomb blast window film keeps travelers on the way to their Salt Lake City destinations safer in the event of a slip, fall or pushes into glass because bomb blast window film acts just like tempered glass when struck–small glass pieces, stuck safely to the film.

For more information on bomb blast film for any number of safety applications in Salt Lake City transit centers, contact us at Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake today.

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