Salt Lake City commercial properties endure a large amount of vandalism and graffiti, just like every other largely populated city. As commercial property owners seek cost-effective solutions for vandalism, it’s significant to stay-in-budget as well as find an effective solution. Graffiti Shield, the industry leader in anti-graffiti surface films, has an innovative product known as Metal Shield. This surface film is perfect for Salt Lake City elevators that are prone to vandalism.

Benefits of Installing Metal Shield for Salt Lake City Commercial Property Elevators

Metal Shield is available in multiple finishes and aesthetics ensuring a perfect match to your current elevator’s metal surfaces. This anti-graffiti film is a thick, durable sacrificial layer that’s installed directly onto the effected elevator’s surfaces. By mimicking the appearance, Metal Shield conceals any existing damage while defending against any new efforts of vandalism. Durable enough to withstand acid etching, Metal Shield presents a clean, professional image to your building visitors and occupants at all times. If vandalism occurs on your installed surface film, it’s easily removable and replaced by professionals. Skip elevator recommissioning fees, expensive repair costs, and unnecessary downtime and inconvenience by installing Metal Shield in your Salt Lake City elevator today.

Metal Shield Installation Process for Your Salt Lake City Commercial Property Elevator

Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake likes to begin every window film project with a free consultation in order to further evaluate project goals, requirements, and challenges. We can determine proper metal finish that you require in addition to project estimates. We utilize commercial-grade, premium adhesives that make your anti-graffiti film tamperproof to the general public. We also focus on limiting downtime to avoid any operational inconveniences– our installation and replacement processes are timely and worry-free.

For more information regarding Metal Shield for your Salt Lake City commercial property’s elevator, please contact us or call: (385) 498-0853