In recent years, decorative window film has become a major trend in interior design. Adding a decorative film to a wall is much easier than trying to paint a detailed design. It also works as a substitute for expensive frosted glass and has a very sophisticated, high end look.

However, not all decorative films are equal in quality. Many films from the hardware store are made from cheaper materials and are lacking in appearance. When shopping at the hardware store, there is also the problem of being limited to a short number of options.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Building owners can have their decorative film custom made. Custom designed decorative window film can make your Salt Lake City office look stunning and provide you with many enjoyable benefits.

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Benefits of Custom Design Decorative Film

With a custom design decorative film, you have a lot more freedom. You can have literally any graphic or text printed on your film, and use it for:

Branding – adding a film with your logo or business name can increase your brand presence
Promotions/sales – custom printed film can help you advertise your promotions and increase sales
Privacy – with custom printed film, you can choose how transparent you want your film to be and customize your level of privacy

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Ways to Customize Your Film

There are numerous ways to customize your window film. First off, you can choose from a variety of patterns. Frosted and gradient films are popular, but you can even customize these by opting for the patterns to appear in a certain shape.

Secondly, you can pick the texture of your film, which can create a really interesting effect. And of course, you can also choose from numerous different colors. Finally, you can even have a specific graphic or text printed on your film. The options are limitless!

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