People come to a church to feel safe and comforted. But in light of the many shootings and violent outbursts that have occurred in the past few years, many church goers now feel a sense of unease. There’s almost no telling when the next attack on a church will occur or where it will take place. That’s why many church board members are turning to advanced security solutions to defend their community. By installing ballistic resistant window film, Salt Lake City churches, temples, and houses of worship can protect their congregation and property from terrorists and mass shooters and create a safer environment.

Defend Your Church Community

For many, churches and temples are sacred grounds. But in the eyes terrorist groups, they’re prime targets. Large crowds attract terrorists looking to make a statement, and churches are the perfect place to find them. That’s why it’s so important for church board members to be as thorough as possible when it comes to security matters.

By installing ballistic resistant window film, you can protect your Salt Lake City house of worship from unexpected danger. Ballistic resistant window films help protect occupants from gunshots and explosions by strengthening and reinforcing glass areas. When windows are hit by the impact, the film helps make the glass more flexible, and transfers energy sideways to prevent bullets from piercing through the glass and keep it from shattering. This gives occupants precious time to flee to safe and wait for the authorities to arrive.

Protect Valuable Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows are an important defining characteristic of many churches and temples. And many stained glass windows are very valuable, which makes them hard to replace. Unfortunately, church stained glass windows get damaged all the time, either by hail, vandalism, or accident. By installing ballistic resistant window film, you can protect your stained glass windows and preserve their beauty for many years to come.

Get a Quote on Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Your Salt Lake City Church

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