Schools around the nation are all faced with the same concern of mass shootings and other domestic attacks. While school shootings may statistically be a rare occurrence, the impact of these events are quite devastating leaving many young lives lost and torn apart. Ballistic resistant window film offers a great way to prevent these events while alleviating the impact it may bring.

Ballistic Resistant Window Film Advantages for Your Salt Lake City School

Ballistic resistant window film is a specialty security film that provides numerous advantages for mass shooting threats. By keeping glass together after impact, glass hazards are mitigated. Blast-related deaths and significant injury are actually majorly caused from broken glass. Ballistic resistant window film can take the impact of gunfire which provides additional time for response teams and police to arrive. While bulletproof glass isn’t in existence yet, ballistic resistance is the closest thing available. Ballistic resistant window film won’t stop someone from gaining access but it will drastically slow them down and may act as a deterrent due to the large amount of noise it causes. With ballistic resistant window film, students and staff can feel safe and productive with the ability to focus on learning and teaching.

3M Safety and Security Film for Salt Lake City Schools from CommercialWindowTinting SaltLake on Vimeo.

Security Assessment for Salt Lake City Schools

Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake has an industry-leading security team that provides the most thorough, comprehensive school security assessments. One of our experts will walk through your entire school with the head of security to evaluate all the vulnerabilities and challenges found on your property. We’ll develop cost-benefit analysis in addition to product recommendations that fit your school’s needs as well as your budget constraints. We work hard to ensure the future of our country remain safe!

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