Salt Lake City families should always prioritize the health of their loved ones. Finding healthy choices that limit significant health concerns can really lower potential healthcare costs and deter life-threatening health conditions. While nutrition and lifestyle are definitely main contributors to health, many people often forget about their UV exposure. Wearing sunscreen is vital for preventing overexposure but most people don’t wear sunscreen when they remain inside. UV rays can cause life-threatening health conditions making it pertinent to install UV blocking window film in your Salt Lake City home.

Benefits of UV Blocking Window Film for Salt Lake City Homes

UV blocking window film is the equivalent for applying SPF 1000 to your Salt Lake City home. With the ability to block out up to 99.9% of UV rays, this necessity can really safeguard your loved ones from UV radiation. Overexposure to UV radiation can lead to premature aging, skin cancer, cataracts, immune system suppression, and much more. By installing UV blocking window film, you’re taking the proper preventative measures in protecting your loved ones and avoiding significant healthcare costs. UV blocking window film also protects your home from fade damage– anything within direct sunlight is susceptible to permanent fading, warping, discoloration, and more. UV blocking window film also has the added benefits of energy efficiency and glare reduction optimizing your home against the elements.

Installation Process for UV Blocking Window Film in Your Salt Lake City Home

Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake can help you find the right UV blocking window film based on your individual property’s needs, challenges, and personal goals. Our team offers professional, timely installations. We utilize C-Bond for quicker cure times and enhanced product life. Our work is always backed by our five-year warranty.

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