One of the difficulties that come with running educational institutions is budgeting. With limited funding and so many required resources, finding ways to save money can really make a huge difference in any Salt Lake City school. When it comes to energy efficiency, most people tend to consider window replacement and siding replacement. These options are extremely effective, however, require a large time and monetary commitment that schools simply don’t have. Energy efficient window film delivers quick installation as well as an attractive price point.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Film for Your Salt Lake City School

Energy efficient window film provides numerous benefits for Salt Lake City schools. With great UV blocking and solar rejection properties, your school will experience lowered HVAC consumption in addition to considerable savings. Energy efficient window film eliminates cold/hot spots throughout while allowing your building to maintain consistent temperatures. Energy efficient window film provides year-round savings in both summer and winter months. Glare reduction is also a great benefit that can help students and teachers with optimized comfort and productivity within classrooms. Glare reduction is definitely necessary among computer labs, libraries, and classrooms. Energy efficient window film is a great ROI that pays for itself in energy savings along in just a few short years.

Installation Process for Energy Efficient Window Film in Salt Lake City Schools

Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake is honored to be the trusted window film contractor helping schools throughout the Salt Lake City area with their energy-saving efforts. We always provide worry-free, timely installations that focus on minimizing downtime. With C-Bond glass strengthening agent utilized in every school project, you’ll experience the best cure times as well as amazing extended product life.

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