We all know that it takes money to make money. But are you spending more than you have to? If your commercial building has single pane glass, chances are a good deal of your energy costs are going right out the window. 

The good news is, there’s an easy solution to this problem. By installing 3M Thinsulate Window Film for your Salt Lake City business, you can cut down on energy costs and save money.

Below, we’ve discussed some of the benefits of 3M window film for commercial buildings.


How Window Film Boosts Window Performance

The truth is, when it comes to insulation, single pane windows just don’t cut, especially here in Salt Lake City. The summers are hot and winters are snowy and icy cold. You need serious insulating power to keep that kind of weather at bay.

Climate control window films are a great way to boost window performance. This remarkable technology actually prevents energy loss by keeping heat in place. Low-e coatings prevent heat from transferring through glass, keeping your building cool during the summer and warm during the winter.


Why Choose 3M Thinsulate Window Film?

3M Thinsulate is one of the best climate control window films around. This incredible product provides many benefits for Salt Lake City businesses including:

  • Improved comfort: Thinsulate keeps heat in place, allowing your building to stay at the perfect temperature all year round.
  • Reduced turnover and higher job satisfaction: Improving the comfort of your building can result in better job satisfaction, reduced tenant turnover, and improvements in productivity.
  • More natural light: Natural light is pleasing on the eyes and having more of it means you don’t have to use artificial lighting as often. 3M Thinsulate improves the energy efficiency of your windows while keeping your building bright and beautiful.
  • Up to 30% energy savings: Savings from Thinsulate can amount to as much as 30% each year.


For more details on the benefits, check out this brochure: Brochure_Thinsulate_Window Film_Commercial_Salt_Lake


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