Owning a commercial building requires a lot more care and management than renting. For those that have the responsibility of owning their own commercial space, it’s critical to ensure function and aesthetics are optimized. Whether you’re running your own business out of this space or renting it to other commercial tenants, having a well-run, aesthetically-pleasing building can make all the difference. From increasing tenant retention rates to boosting the guest experience, there are many benefits to updating your commercial property. Here are three ways to update your Salt Lake City commercial property with window film.

The Benefits of Commercial Window Film for Your Salt Lake City

  1. Exterior resurfacingIf you have an outdated building in desperate need of a facelift, this is the option for you. Rather than spend tens of thousands on window replacement that requires significant installation time and operational inconveniences, opt for this service. External window film installation and spandrel painting boost beauty and function, offering a quick, affordable alternative.
  2. Interior resurfacing: For a facelift on the inside, you can utilize proprietary surface film from 3M. 3M DI-NOC offers a vinyl surface film option that can be applied to any smooth, non-porous surface. Available in stunning designs ranging from authentic wood grain to abstract marble, you can create the perfect interior for both short-term and long-term projects.
  3. Security film for annealed glass: Does your property still have annealed glass windows? Bring it up to code with security film. This offers a cost-effective way to transform your annealed glass into tempered glass. Experience quick installations and limited undesirable operational downtime.

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