When it comes to finding investments, most business owners look for versatile, multipurpose options that can fulfill multiple needs. For this reason and many others, window film has been a favorite among commercial property owners for years. There are so many different products and benefits to choose from. For commercial space owners looking for something more technical that can help save money, address property code, and improve security and safety, window film is the best avenue to pursue. Here are three wars Salt Lake City businesses can use safety and security film.

The Benefits of Safety and Security Film for Your Salt Lake City Commercial Property

  1. Loss prevention security film: Standard security film is a great option for businesses interested in improving their loss prevention strategy. By adding a thick, durable layer to your existing glass, this helps deter smash-and-grabs, break-ins, burglaries, and more. In the event that someone is able to make it through the security film-installed glass, this gives you additional response time.
  2. Commercial property code adherence: Did you know that security film can actually upgrade annealed glass to tempered glass? This is important for property code which requires tempered glass in all commercial properties. Enjoy faster installations, more affordable pricing, limited operational downtime, and the added benefits of security film protection.
  3. Safety solution: For natural disasters and severe weather, this product offers the protection you need against broken glass hazards. Experience comprehensive glass protection that helps mitigate the risk of bodily harm and injury from high-impact events.

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