If you’re the owner of a small or growing business, you probably don’t have much room in your budget for anything that isn’t a necessary expense. When you’re just starting out a business, things can be tight.

Keeping your storefront up to date is important for your sales performance, but if you’re tight on funds, you may have a hard time affording it. One great way to update your storefront on budget is by using window film to create door logos for your Salt Lake City building.

How to Use Window Film to Create Door Logos

Creating door logos for your Salt Lake City storefront using window film is easy. Just follow two simple steps.

1. Spend some time contemplating or researching designs for your door logos.
2. Contact a window tinting contractor in your area to get your door logos printed. They’ll help you take measurements, install the film, and everything else!

Three Ways Using Window Film for Door Logos Can Save Money

Using window film to create door logos isn’t just easy, it’s also super cheap. Here are three ways that a door logo created from window film could help you save money.

1. Energy efficient – Window films are energy efficient, so by installing one for your store, you can save money on air conditioning costs.

2. Longer lasting – High grade custom decorative window films last longer than door logos created from cheap vinyl window clings. Window film is designed to resist moisture and uv radiation that causes fading.

3. Cheaper option – Who knew that owning a business was so expensive?! Save money by opting for an affordable door logo. Door logos made from glass laminates are much cheaper than logos etched on glass or metal signs.

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