Window Tinting Features And Benefits For Your Salt Lake City Commercial Investment

When it comes to window tinting, especially in the commercial sector, the list of benefits is long and varied: Window tinting can reduce up to 85% of the heat from the sun, give 99% rejection of ultraviolet light, and reduce 95% of glare on windows depending upon which tint you choose. However, there are other features and benefits of window tinting that may have escaped your notice. And if you are thinking about adding window tint to your commercial building, somethings you may want to consider.

1. Commercial Window Tinting Film Is Affordable And Cost Effective

Window tinting film can make your building up to 15 degrees cooler by reducing the heat from the sun which passes through them. This translates into real-world utility savings and an ROI in as little as 3 years.

2. Window Tinting Is Easy to Maintain

After window films are fully cured, they are easily maintained with nearly the same maintenance you did on your commercial building’s windows before. You want to avoid, ammonia-based cleaners, anything abrasive and razor blades, in favor of solutions that include vinegar or soap and water solutions–which most window cleaning companies should be able to easily accommodate.

3. Window Tinting Films Provide Safety

Most window films provide a basic layer of security by virtue of being an additional layer on top of your glass. At Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake City, we offer a variety of levels of security film from basic to high-security too. These films do everything from reducing the chances of burglary to bomb and ballistics resistance.

The list goes on and on when it comes to commercial window tinting benefits. To learn more about the full range of benefits or find out if window tinting may be the right option for your Salt Lake City commercial building, contact us Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake City for a free consultation today!


When it comes to window tinting, Mike Kinsey is a subject matter expert. For the past fifteen years, Mike and his team have been installing window film for commercial properties located in Salt Lake and the surrounding areas of Logan, Park City, Provo, Orem, and Ogden, totaling over 250,000 square feet of film. Mike is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education and is well-equipped with knowledge of the latest industry innovations. As the head of operations at Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake, he is charge of overseeing all projects from start to finish. He enjoys finding out of the box solutions to complex problems and developing solid relationships with local business owners though the process of helping them accomplish their architectural goals.