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Welcome to Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake! We are Salt Lake’s commercial window tinting experts with vast experience in film applications of all kinds. Our company has been in business since 2008 and has worked on all types of commercial properties throughout the Salt Lake metro area, including the cities of Provo, Salt Lake City, Park City, Provo, Ogden, and Orem.


Salt Lake City’s Window Tinting Experts

For over a decade, Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake City has been providing commercial, government, and public buildings with reliable window film. We operate with a full staff of experienced designers and technicians who are experts when it comes to window tinting products and applications. We use advanced CAD technology and digital imaging to ensure that all of our installs are precise and up to our clients’ standards. No matter the size or difficulty, there is no type of install that we can’t handle! We’re proud to be the trusted window film company serving the Salt Lake City area.

Welcome to Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake City!

No matter what the application, our high-performance films will protect your commercial investment for years. As Salt Lake City’s trusted window film contractor, we’re here to support your needs. 

Window Tinting For Your Commercial Location

Having the windows tinted on your commercial location is a smart decision for any commercial property owner or manager. The reasons for deciding on window tint vary from location to location but the need for an experienced installer with strong industry knowledge and partnerships is universal and imperative for success in solving your business’s unique set of problems. Our company is equipped with the necessary skills and tools to get your project completed correctly and on time. Our extensive track record and expansive base of satisfied customers is living of our success and commitment to our clients.

In Commercial Window Tinting Experience Matters

No matter what your commercial window tinting needs, Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake City is the area’s leading window tint installers. Our professionalism and commitment to excellence will be apparent from your first inquiry call, all the way through to the final punch list on your commercial window tinting project. With a decade of experience in the window film industry, we, at Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake City, have applied tens of thousands of feet of window tint and know what it takes to get the job right the first time, on time, every time. This means a smooth application process, with no downtime for your commercial location. For more information on the process, products and pricing, contact us today for a free, on-site consultation with one of our window film experts.

FAST Enterprises – Before and After

Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake is acclaimed for providing innovative, affordable window film solutions for both residential and commercial applications. We’re proud to help our community transform dysfunctional, existing rooms into practical, comfortable spaces. Our award winning customer service sets us apart from other window film contractors. Experience the Scottish Difference and discover solutions with a great ROI.  

Are you ready to get started on your project? Give us a call to schedule an appointment to have window film installed for your Salt Lake City office or commercial building.



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    Window tint for your commercial office space is the key to employee comfort and job satisfaction. In fact, studies have shown that offices treated with window tint show increased worker productivity and decreased absenteeism. That is a winning combo for any business looking to increase profits. Additionally, when your tenants are making more money, the likelihood of them remaining as tenants goes up both in the short term and for a long time to come. This allows you to focus less on keeping your office building rented out and more on your business venture itself.

  • retail_window_tinting


    That fact is: shoppers who feel comfortable in an environment will stay longer and spend more money. We are not the only ones aware of this. Each year major retailers spend millions on making shoppers at home to encourage them to buy more at their establishments. Window tint on your commercial retail location means no uncomfortable glare or hot and cold spots while your potential client makes a decision to buy in your retail location. More importantly, window tint shows your products in the best light, while at the same time protecting them from the destructive UV rays of the sun.

  • building_saltlake_film


    When people pay to stay at a hotel they expect a certain level of comfort. Our cases studies show that often times the rooms on the south and southwest sides of a hotel get almost unbearably hot due to too much sun. This leaves hotel owners two, very unprofitable options: keeping the room unrented or falling short on customer satisfaction. Window tint is the perfect solution for keeping your hotel rooms, hotel lobbies and hotel dining establishments true to the comfortable temperature you set for your valued guests. Additionally, HVAC costs can be a real concern for hotels trying to turn a profit and window tint is proven to reduce such costs.

  • restaurant_window_film


    Everyone loves a restaurant with a view but nobody loves the glare from the sun. Tables by the windows at restaurants offer a great chance for ambiance but often go un-seated because they get uncomfortably hot. Window film allows restaurant owners to give their guests the best of both worlds–stunning views at a perfectly temperate table. Window tint also keeps the restaurant employees safe from the sun’s harmful rays and help them make more money every shift.

  • tinting_university_window

    Schools and Universities:

    Time and time again it has been shown that the key to learning is being in a comfortable, distraction-free environment. Students who focus less on their surroundings, focus more on the learning material, the teacher, and completing assignments. Window tint on schools and universities makes for a much more even and temperate learning area and is shown to increase student success. Window tint also allows schools to allocate more money towards student life and campus culture by keeping HVAC costs low– a true win/win for students and faculty.

  • saltlake_skyscraper_arena

    Arenas, Venues & Stadiums:

    Venues such as arenas and stadiums are often filled with excitement–the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. In the throws of such excitement, glass can become a real hazard to unruly fans. Also, metal fixtures, to devastated fans can become a target of traditional and scratch graffiti. The best way to avoid damage to property and patrons alike is with prevention. Security window film will strengthen glass and keep it in place in case of trauma. Metal shield applied to metal finishes in bathrooms, elevators, stairwell and the like can be easily removed and cost effectively replaced should graffiti occur.

  • Museum_windows_saltlake


    Housing, protecting and displaying timeless relics is no easy task. A lot of extra care and attention must be given to irreplaceable items that are often hundreds and sometimes thousands of years old. This is why window tint is a must have for any establishment charged with the care of such precious items. Window tint mitigates the UV damage done by the sun’s rays on artwork, furniture, wood, metal, and stone. It still lets in the natural light too, which means a better viewing experience for museum patrons interested in the more intricate details of the relics.

  • Saltlake_Security_Tinting

    Secure Buildings:

    Window film is often known for its superior tinting qualities–as well it should be. However, an entirely different science is applicable in regard to window tint films and that is–security science. That’s right, window film is just as tough on bullets and bombs as it is on the sun’s harmful rays. While window film for security is a much more involved process than window film for tint, the principles of excellent protection are the same. Security window film is bullet resistant, bomb resistant and is excellent protection against any blunt force trauma.

  • Church_Film_Salt-lake-City


    A common feature of churches is, of course, their very lovely and prominent windows. However, this can mean unwanted sunlight penetrating into the recesses of the church and exposing furniture, fabric and sometimes even religious relics to the harmful UV rays of the sun. By treating a church’s windows with window tint you keep parishioners comfortable, while at the same time, protecting the majestic beauty of the church. Security film is also a consideration when it comes to churches to protect from terror or vandal attacks.

  • Government_Tinting_Salt-lake-City

    Government Buildings:

    By nature of being associated with this country’s establishment, government buildings are often the target of vandal attacks and attract schemes for much deadlier attacks from bombs and guns. Windows are often the proverbial “Achilles Heel” on any structure, which is why many government buildings have security window film on some or all of their windows. Window tint is also a good option for government buildings to help make an already demanding job more comfortable.

  • Salt-lake-City_Mass_Transit_Film

    Mass Transit:

    One of the most overwhelming popular applications for commercial window tint and film is in the mass transit sector. Beyond the obvious benefits of reducing glare on the often window rich structures, these travel hubs are notoriously soft targets for terror attacks. Thousands of people shuffle through them daily making them an important area to protect from both manmade and environmental threat factors. Windows treated with security film in mass transit hubs drastically reduces the potential for collateral damage from flying glass in the event of an attack.


Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake is the trusted window film company serving the Utah area. Are you ready to get started on your project? Give us a call to schedule an appointment to have window film installed for your Salt Lake City office or commercial building.


Energy-Saving Team:

Our founder Martin Faith saw the potential benefits of commercial window tinting early on after applying window tint to his own home and getting amazing results. Martin then decided to alter his current company’s business model to include not only stained glass but both commercial and residential window tinting as well. Thus our parent company, Scottish Window Tinting was born. That was back in 2008 and since then our window tinting company has done nothing but grow. Salt Lake City Commercial Window Tinting, our numerous sister companies, and our parent company are successful due in large part to Martin Faith’s vision and his standards for excellence. Martin Faith has a foundational belief in superior customer service, impeccable results and strong partnerships with industry leaders. His trifecta of companies (Scottish Window Tinting, Scottish Stained Glass, and Scottish Home Improvements) are all strong players in over a dozen markets and known, nationwide, as some of the best in their respective fields.

Martin Faith

For over a decade Mike Kinsey has been selling and installing window tint on commercial buildings, not only in Salt Lake City but around the country. Experience and professionalism like his are invaluable to the Scottish Group family of companies. He takes a consultative approach to sales, which is the model for all of our window tinting companies nationwide. This approach allows him to listen to your needs and suggest the right kind of products for your projects, rather than try to persuade you to buy something you neither need or want. No matter what type of commercial space you have, or problem you intend to solve with window film, Mike will tailor a custom window tinting solution in a price range that fits your budget.

Mike Kinsey


  • 3M: A Household Name You Can Trust

    3M: A Household Name You Can Trust

    There is a reason 3M window film is one of our most popular brands and that reason is trust. They are a company with staying power in the market that has been around for over a century because of their commitment to excellence and innovation in their product offerings. 3M window film was developed over 50 years ago and continues to change the game regularly with new state-of-the-art window film and window film applications. Films by 3m are rigorously tested and proven to increase interior comfort in commercial buildings and more importantly save money. Applying 3MTM window films may even be used towards LEED certification credits for your commercial building. 3M is considered the world leader in window film technology and is paving the way for a better tomorrow through energy conservation. Their products are intended to enhance the performance of your windows and help you live a better life at home, at work, in your car and are especially beneficial in commercial applications, such as the ones we provide.

    3M Commercial Window Film

    Commercial buildings are one of the main beneficiaries of 3M window film applications because, commercial properties by far have the most need for and the most to gain from window film application.


  • Vista Window Film For Commercial Applications

    Vista Window Film For Commercial Applications

    Vista Window Film is a giant in both the residential and commercial window tinting industry. However, this premium brand has staying power in the highly competitive commercial market because of their of the innovation and the incredible reliability of their products. Whether you are looking at window film for a new building or considering retrofitting the windows of an older building– Vista will be a great fit for your project.

    Vista Film For Energy Savings and Efficiency

    Vista film is easily applied and keeps temperatures in commercial settings at a consistent temperature. It enhances the day to day efficiency of any facilities HVAC systems. In fact, windows treated with Vista film show a 75% reduction transferred heat from the sun’s rays and consequently drastically reduces heating and cooling bills. The field of energy conservation is exploding and for good reason–energy is more expensive than ever and the environmental cost is proving to be much too high to continue paying. Since Vista Film is a proven solution for energy waste, it is considered a “green” technology and can assist your commercial building in acquiring up to 9 LEED Green Building Certification Credits.


  • A Commercial Window Tint Giant: Llumar

    A Commercial Window Tint Giant: Llumar

    By all accounts and factoring, Llumar is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive, commercial and residential window film products and truly a giant in the industry. With Over 60 years in the window film market they are one of the longest running film companies on the market today. As such Llumar should be a prime consideration for commercial property owners. Their high standards show in their superior product offerings–products renowned for true clarity and optimal durability.

    LLumar For Commercial Window Applications

    Llumar window films come highly recommended for commercial window applications. Their cutting edge products fill a variety of needs in the commercial sector and solve a variety of problems related to the sun and privacy. Not only affordable but effective, Llumar films are a strong go-to window film for commercial property owners.

    Llumar Window Tint For Commercial UV Protection

    While the natural light windows provide is beneficial to humans it can also be extremely harmful. Llumar’s solar window films allow commercial buildings to offer all advantages of plentiful windows without sacrificing tenant comfort or health. Llumar filters out nearly all of the harmful UV rays in the solar spectrum, while still letting in abundant filtered light This positively contributes to the overall productivity, satisfaction, and happiness of commercial tenants.


  • Enerlogic Window Film Saves Money

    Enerlogic Window Film Saves Money


    Enerlogic 4 season Low-E window film delivers excellent energy efficiency year round and energy consumption savings to rival any brand on the market. For commercial properties, keeping cost down is essential as extra expenses from skyrocketing energy costs can quickly diminish a commercial property owner’s profit margin. Which is why the breakthrough conservation technology of Enerlogic Low-E film is particularly attractive to our commercial clients. The ability to reduce solar heat gain into buildings better than many other window films has a variety of benefits primarily targeted at those looking to be more profitable.

    Enerlogic For Maximum Energy Savings

    Since energy loss in not a single season problem for commercial buildings, a strong four-season product like Enerlogic gives you higher overall savings. Savings for commercial properties can be as much as 15% of total annual energy expenditures–year over year that could easily add up to millions of dollars.

    Enerlogic For Lower Operating Costs

    Some of the largest expenditures for any commercial properties is on maintenance and utilities. Enerlogic window film addresses both of these potential money pits. Heat gain through windows is reduced when treated with Enerlogic Film, resulting in less load on cooling systems. The same principal applies to the heating systems when heat loss is mitigated with Enerlogic Window Film. Meaning not only do you save money on utility bills, you increase the life of your HVAC systems with much lower lifetime maintenance on them as well.

  • Nano Tint For Commercial Window Applications

    Nano Tint For Commercial Window Applications

    Nano Tint can best be described as insulation for glass. Window film and tint technology work just like the layers of clothes you wear to stay warm–by retaining heat and blocking out cold. Unlike other window insulation products, Nano Tint is a liquid thermal insulation coating, not a film. This cutting edge liquid application and technology bonds directly to substrates and works best for single-pane glass and polycarbonate surfaces.

    Nano Tint Commercial Window Tinting Benefits

    Nano Tint is no small player in the window tint market and just because it’s applications differs from a film based window products, doesn’t mean its benefits don’t match those of a film.

    However, the difference in Liquid Nano Tint’s application method has its benefits for commercial clients. Unlike conventional window films, Liquid NanoTint is painted directly onto the glass meaning– it will not peel, crack, bubble or fade for a minimum of 10 years.


  • C-bond For The Highest Level Of Commercial Security

    C-bond For The Highest Level Of Commercial Security

    When it comes to the best protection for windows from natural disasters or man-made attacks, C-bond is by far an industry leader and is unrivaled in strength, security, and protection. Tried, tested and true, C-bond delivers the strength any commercial location needs for its windows in order to protect people in and around it. This includes public commercial properties, as well as, sensitive government buildings as well.

    The Science Of C-bond

    The C-bond patented Technology is a direct result of years of nanotechnology engineering: the manipulation of atoms and molecules within matter for the purposes of yielding a desirable effect. It is a non-toxic, water-based, glass reinforcing product that dramatically increases glass’s strength, flexibility, and adhesion qualities. The unique properties of C-Bond enable glass to dissipate energy on the molecular level. You don’t need to fully understand the science of C-bond to understand that, in the case of a natural disaster or a man-made attack, C-bond offers the most advanced protection of commercial glass in the market.

    THE C-BOND Security Solution

    All the incredible science behind C-bond results in an invisible protective barrier that is resilient to high impact force and severe stress environments. Additionally, using C-Bond in conjunction with window film products significantly enhances their adhesion to one another resulting in glass shards being retained within the immediate area of the compromised glass surface after impact.


  • The Science Behind HD Clear Decorative Window Films

    HD Clear: A Decorative Window Film That Works For You

    HDClear is a high definition custom printed decorative window film that transforms windows into statement pieces with a purpose. They lead the industry in color and clarity and offer a huge variety of permanent and removable films. HD Clear’s films are prized for their stunning array of design choices and their warranty, among other things. As such, HD Clear Custom Decorative Window Film is the smart choice for decorative film applications and film applications for privacy or partial privacy.

    The Science Behind HD Clear Decorative Window Films

    HDClear works with true, optically clear polyester film (PET). The company uses a unique printing process with CMYK inks and white inks. The ink is applied in layers, through a proprietary process which allows graphics to be viewed from one or both sides! This cutting edge process allows for natural light to shine brightly through without overwhelming occupants. The durability of HD Clear is second to none and outlasts all traditional vinyl graphic applications to flat glass areas.


  • Hanita Coatings: An Emerging Force In Specialty Films

    Hanita Coatings: An Emerging Force In Specialty Films

    Hanita is a world-wide industry leader in and maker of exceptional films and laminates. As a technology focused company, Hanita delivers both protection and cutting edge solutions to a commercial property’s unique set of window problems from security to conservation. Hanita’s unique combination of technologies add valuable performance and cost advantages across a wide range of markets and also help drive industry-wide innovation.

    Hanita Coatings for Energy Savings

    With the careful integration of years of research and development in other fields of activity, Hanita has developed a range of incredibly energy-efficient interior and exterior solar control films. These films are players in markets across the globe under the SolarZone brand. SolarZone, solar control window films, are known to upgrade energy performance and enhance a building’s long-term sustainability.


  • SOLYX® Decorative Films: Beauty and Privacy On Your Terms

    SOLYX® Decorative Films: Beauty and Privacy On Your Terms

    SOLYX ® Decorative Privacy Window Films are wonderful due to their simplicity and diversity. These self-adhesive films come in a number of different patterns and a variety of hues. Probably one of SOLYX’s best attributes is how easily removable and replaceable they are, allowing a window’s appearance to be easily changed. With this innovative decorative window film, any glass substrate in an office area can be turned into a masterpiece–from dividers to shelves and desktops to cabinet doors. Additionally, any existing window can be made into an attractive, private or semi-private window. This gives building owners custom options to offer their tenants, without any long-term aesthetic commitment.

    For more information on commercial window tint and to schedule a free consultation contact Utah’s commercial window tinting expert–Commercial Window Tinting Salt Lake City!

    SOLYX ® Decorative Films For Commercial Applications

    Commercial buildings are using more and more architectural glass. The use of internal glass walls as partitioning is on the rise, as well as, increasingly open floor plans. Even the most traditional of businesses are becoming amenable to the use of glass in modern architecture which is great for style but sometimes at the cost of privacy. SOLYX ® Decorative Films are a great way to offer commercial spaces all the benefits of natural light and pleasantries of open spaces, without sacrificing privacy.



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